A journey to reach self-knowledge

Reaching self-knowledge is a task that requires effort, time, great motivation and discipline. Some practices that can lead us to this state of self-awareness are working on meditation, acceptance and taking responsibility. It is necessary to perform a conscious and sustained exercise in order to reflect on who we are and who we want to be. If we focus on our present, writing about our past, how we feel and what we hope for the future can also be a great tool for self-knowledge.

There are some questions we can ask ourselves to guide us more easily towards the path of self-knowledge::

How do I feel about my past?
How do I feel in the present?
What are the qualities I like most about myself?
How do I feel about the people around me?
How do I usually react to stress?
What are the things that disappoint me the most?
In what things do I feel I should improve?
What are the things I really like?
What do I look forward to in the future?
What would I like my life to be like?

These and other questions can be key guides in reflecting on ourselves, in order to move forward and forget our contextual limitations. Writing down the answers to these questions will help us to get a little closer to self-knowledge. But always remember that you should use this information to improve your present.