The 7 Coolest Products On Kickstarter This Week (March 4, 2014)

Every week we’ll list the 7 coolest products currently available for backing on Kickstarter. This edition features a ring that can control anything, a pair of pants that you can wear from the outdoors to the office, and a smarter bike taillight.

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1. Ring – A ring that helps you “Shortcut Everything”.

Ring is much more than just a sleek piece of jewelry. This wearable bluetooth device acts like a magic wand, allowing you to control almost anything with a couple movements of a finger. At the moment, the device has support for sending texts, controlling appliances and apps, and simple bill pay – though more is on the way through an open developer platform. Project runs through April 4th.

Kickstarter Page:

2. Revolights Arc – A smarter bike taillight.

The Revolights Arc is a reimagined bike taillight that mimics the functionality a car’s brake lights. The Arc senses the movement and speed of your tires, and will either brighten or blink when decelerating to alert nearby motorists. Project runs through April 22nd.

Kickstarter Page:

3. Halo Belt 2.0 – Bright, rechargeable safety belt for cyclists and runners.

We’re keeping with the biking theme here on number three. If you’re an avid runner or cyclist, you’ll know that proper lighting at night is incredibly important for safety. The Halo Belt 2.0 takes the normal reflective band to the next level, by integrating rechargeable fiber optics for an enhanced glow. It’s also fairly inexpensive at $37 including US shipping. Project runs through April 27th.

Kickstarter Page:

4. SnapRays Guidelight – A better outlet cover.

The Guidelight, a replacement for your standard outlet cover, is a low-profile plate with built-in LED lights that will automatically illuminate surrounding dark areas. The project states that these lights only use about 5 extra cents of power each year. Project runs through April 3rd.

Kickstarter Page:

5. LUNIS – Tailored performance pants. 

If you’ve been looking for a pair of pants that you can wear from the office to the outdoors, check out the LUNIS. These pants combine a tailored fit with the high performance technical fabric found in most adventure gear. Projects runs through April 4th.

Kickstarter Page:

6. Monkii Bars – Suspension workout anywhere.

The Monkii Bars are a suspension training tool bundled within an ultra-portable pair of wooden bars. The 18 foot suspension can handle 400+ lbs, and includes all the necessary elements for setup. Project runs through April 6th.

Kickstarter Page:

7. Bloom Blanket – An origami inspired blanket.

Bianca Cheng Costanzo sought out to create a blanket inspired by the origami designs she made as a child. The Bloom Blanket, the product of these efforts, is a handmade, wool-cashmere throw manufactured in Barcelona. Project runs through March 30th.

Kickstarter Page:

Past Successful Kickstarter Product You Can Buy Now:
Limeade Blast – High capacity battery charger

The Limeade (now Limefuel) is an ultra-high capacity external charger for all of your mobile devices. Unlike other batteries that can only handle a single recharge, the Limefuel’s 18,000 mAh capacity provides over 12 iPhone charges, 8 Samsung Galaxy charges, or 2 iPad charges. It also can speed-charge two devices at the same time.

You can purchase the Limeade here: Amazon – Limeade, Limefueld USB External Battery

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