The 7 Coolest Products On Kickstarter This Week (March 11, 2014)

Every week we’ll list the 7 coolest products currently available for backing on Kickstarter. This edition features an ultra high-definition audio player, made to order selvage jeans, and an affordable military watch with Swiss movement.

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1. PonoMusic – Portable music the way it was meant to be heard.

The Pono Music player, co-founded by Neil Young, is an ultra-high definition portable audio device. While most mp3s are highly compressed to fit into portable storage, the Pono maintains completely lossless audio, with up to 6 times more data than a typical mp3. Project runs through April 15th.

Kickstarter Page:

2. Flint & Tinder – Customizable, made-to-order selvedge jeans.

It’s surprisingly hard to find that perfect pair of jeans. But what if there was a way to create your own? The Denim on Demand project allows you to completely customize your set – anywhere from fit and style, to the color of seams and buttons. Project runs through April 15th.

Kickstarter Page:

3. Spices and Spandex – A cookbook detailing local cuisines from London through Cape Town.

Spices and Spandex, a cookbook by The Nomadic Kitchen, is much more than just a collection of recipes. It documents the culinary journey of two men who cycled the length of Africa, learning about local cuisines and cultures along the way. Project runs through April 12th.

Kickstarter Page:

4. Limefuel IP66 Rugged Battery

We featured the original Limefuel in a previous round-up. This time, the company is offering the same great battery, but made for outdoor sports. In addition to having a high 15,000 mAh capacity (good for up to 10 smartphone charges), the Limefuel IP66 is also tested to be dirt, water, and shock proof. Project runs through March 21st.

Kickstarter Page:

5. The Upstanding Desk – Turn any desk into a standing desk with one accessory.

The Upstandig desk is an easy to assemble, adjustable accessory that turns any desk into a standing desk for better back posture. Project runs through April 1st.

Kickstarter Page:

6. SipSnap – Spillproof child’s drinking lid that fits any cup.

The SipSnap is a drinking lid made to turn any glass or bottle into a child’s drinking cup. Just snap the rubber accessory on top, and you’re good to go. Project runs through April 6th.

Kickstarter Page:

7. Helgray – Vintage military style watch, with Swiss movement.

The Helgray is a sleek military style watch with leather strap. Considering its internal Swiss movements, the starting price point of $125 is more than reasonable. Project runs through April 16th.

Kickstarter Page:

Past Successful Kickstarter Product You Can Buy Now:

Much like Dropbox, but off the cloud, the Transporter is an online storage system that allows you to share files across all devices, but privately and without any recurring fees. The campaign raised over $260,000 and can now be purchased here:

Amazon -Transporter Private Cloud

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