The 7 Coolest Products On Kickstarter This Week (February 24, 2014)

Every week we’ll list the 7 coolest products currently available for backing on Kickstarter. This edition features a museum in your pocket, a water-resistant body-double for your phone, and a mouse/keyboard perfect for computer gaming.

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1. Mini Museum – Own your own museum display.

For the past 35 years Hans Fex has collected rare specimens – anywhere from fossils and meteorites, to artifacts such as command foil from Apollo 11 and dirt from Dracula’s castle. He’s now launching a Kickstarter project to bring these museum quality pieces directly to you. The Mini Museum is a desktop sized resin display case filled with dozens of incredible pieces from Hans’ collection. If you’ve ever wanted to own a rare fossil, you better check it out! Project runs through March 20th.

Kickstarter Page:

2. Soap – 7” Android Powered Smart Router

The Soap is an Android-powered, quad core smart router with a built-in 7” touchscreen. The abilities of the router are vast – some examples include network-wide parental control, fake vulnerabilities to trap hackers, spy-mode that shows in real-time what people on your network are doing, ninja mode invisibility to unauthorized users, and more. Project runs through March 23rd.

Kickstarter Page:

3. SQueo – Durable, water-resistant bluetooth ‘body double’ for your phone.

If you’re prone to dropping your phone in water, or just wish you could make that important phone call in the shower (you never know?), the SQueo is just for you. The bluetooth device pairs with your smartphone, creating a durable, floating, water resistant ‘body-double’ for your fragile phone. Project runs through April 4th.

Kickstarter Page:

4. Luxor – World’s First Digital Focusing Flashlight

The flashlight is a relatively bland device. Though it serves an important purpose, current flashlight tech is due for an update. The Luxor shakes things up through a completely re-imagined design based around digital technology. The rechargeable flashlight features a 710 lumen light with digital focusing to provide enhanced vision, in addition to an OLED display showing a range of metrics. Project runs through April 25th.

Kickstarter Page:

5. Fluxx LiquiMetal – Desktop ferrofluid suspension piece.

This ain’t your daddy’s lava lamp. The Fluxx LiquiMetal is a “Colorshifting Ferrofluid Suspension” for your desktop. Project runs through April 3rd.

Kickstarter Page:

6. Flink – Digital photo frame connected to the cloud.

The Flink is a digital photo frame that connects to the cloud. Both you and authorized family and friends can instantly update photos on the display wirelessly from albums, Instagram, or Facebook via the bundled app. Project runs through March 23rd.

Kickstarter Page:

7. King’s Assembly – A mouse, keyboard, and joystick merged for computer gaming.

Eric Charlton of Solid Art Labs found computer gaming with a mouse, keyboard, and joystick to be incredibly clunky. He sought out to create a custom device that merges the three, allowing gamers to play better and more comfortably. The King’s Assembly is a laser mouse with a built in programmable hand keyboard, joystick, and palm rest that blends these devices into a single form factor. Project runs through April 11th.

Kickstarter Page:

Kickstarter Product you can buy now:
Blazar – Wireless, portable bluetooth speaker that can create dual channel audio.

The Blazar was an incredibly successful Kickstarter project raising over $300K in funding. Aside from its visually stunning form factor, the Blazar speaker has the ability to connect wirelessly to another Blazar, creating a portable dual -channel audio system.

You can purchase the Blazar here: Amazon – Beacon Blazar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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