The 7 Coolest Products On Kickstarter This Week (February 17, 2014)

Every week we’ll list the 7 coolest products currently available for backing on Kickstarter. This edition features a fitness tracker made for cyclists and swimmers, a handmade leather field journal, and a wireless guitar module.

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1. Flyfit Activity Tracker

Flyfit differentiates itself from other wearable fitness devices by tracking leg movements via an ankle bracelet. This makes it especially great for cyclists and swimmers. Functions include analysis of: steps, stairs, bike distance (gps) cadence and speed, sleep, and swim. Project runs through March 25th.

Kickstarter Page:

2. Mogees – Make music from anything.

Mogees make it incredibly simple to create instruments from any object or surface. Just take the sensor, attach it to your smartphone, and place it on a surface. You can then tap anywhere and the sensor will detect these vibrations to create differing music notes based on your gestures. Runs through March 19th.

Kickstarter Page:

3. Acoustic Stream: Guitarist’s Wireless Companion

The Acoustic Stream presents a 4-1 wireless solution for guitarists. After placing the module on the guitar, the device has the ability to wirelessly record, wirelessly connect to an amp via smartphone or tablet, tune, and check instrument humidity/temp. Project runs through March 29th.

Kickstarter Page:

4. FreedomCase: Adjustable case for Microsoft Surface

A minimalistic and functional case for the Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro, the FreedomCase increases viewing angles and adds a stylus holder, all the while incorporating space for your existing keyboard cover. Project runs through March 15th.

Kickstarter Page:

5. StoneGrain Field Journal

We somehow feel that Ron Swanson would own one of these bad-boys. The StoneGrain field journal is a sharp looking, handmade leather journal that makes your Moleskine look, frankly, boring. Project runs through March 15th.

Kickstarter Page:

6. GoPhone: An iPhone case for your GoPro camera

The GoPhone is an ergonomic iPhone case that doubles as a handle for your GoPro. Given that you’re using the phone directly, you can see a live feed of the video right on your phone’s screen. Project runs through April 14th.

Kickstarter Page:

7. Ozobot – Smart game robot

The Ozobot is a smart game robot that follows lines you draw on a touchscreen. What makes it interesting is the way it merges both physical and digital gaming into a new experience. Currently comes with four game apps, though more are on the way. Project runs through February 28th.

Kickstarter Page:

We’ll also be featuring a past successful Kickstarter product each week you can buy now.
Lumi Kit

The Lumi Kit lets you turn digital photos into a printed design on any of your clothes. Using the bundled app: take an image, print it out, and dye it onto any piece of clothing using the provided kit.

Available for purchase here: Amazon – Inkodye Print Fabric with Light kit Red

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