The 7 Coolest Products on Kickstarter This Week (February 10, 2014)

Every week we’ll list the 7 coolest products currently available for backing on Kickstarter. This edition features smart bluetooth earbuds, a motion sensor for any object, and a device that let’s you easily check your car’s diagnostics.

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1. The Dash – Wireless, Smart In-Ear Headphones

These tiny wireless earbud headphones pack a serious punch. In addition to high quality, bluetooth audio and noise cancellation, The Dash tracks exercise performance, body vitals, and can even hold 1000 songs within its own storage (in addition of course to your phone library). Runs through March 31st.

Kickstarter Page:

2. OBDLink MX – Plug-in system that gives diagnostics from your car right on a smartphone.

Ever see the check engine light come on and wonder whether it’s a minor or major worry? The OBDLink is a small device that plugs into any car’s standard OBD port to provide detailed diagnostics right on your smartphone. In addition, features include the ability to remote start and unlock, check real-time gas mileage, turn off “check engine light”, and more. Runs through March 5th.

Kickstarter Page:

3. C&C Bottlecutter – Cut any bottle to create glasses, vases, lamps.

The C&C lets you turn your old bottles into useful pieces. Take that old whiskey bottle off your shelf and give it new life. Project through March 16th.

Kickstarter Page:

4. Sole Socks – Odor eating insoles that can be rewashed.

Going sockless is fashionable these days. But, unlike Dwayne Wade, we can’t all buy brand new loafers every time we plan to go out. The result is a funky smelling pair of shoes after a few months, with the inevitable early trash bin.

Sole Socks look to change all this with odor and sweat absorbing soles. They can even be rewashed to keep your shoes smelling fresh time and time again. Project runs through March 12th.

Kickstarter Page:

5. Sammy Screamer – A phone enabled motion sensor that tracks your stuff.

Have a kid who sneaks cookies from the cookie jar? A roommate that uses your stuff while you’re out (but denies it)? Use the Sammy Screamer, a small motion sensor that beams a notification to your smartphone if triggered. Project runs through March 7th.

Kickstarter Page:

6. Flag- All of your photos printed and shipped to you for free.

Flag is an app that sends you high quality photo prints directly to your door for free. Yes, totally free. They achieve this business model by including advertising on the back of your physical photos. (Though you can also create custom postcards without ads for a small $1 + postage fee)

How it works: You select 20 images from your iPhone library or social network, select ship, and voila, you’ll get twenty 4×6 high quality photos sent directly to your door. Project runs through February 11th (tomorrow!)

Kickstarter Page: 

7. The Right Arm – Adjustable, long reach stand for your iPad, computer, books.

Arms get tired after holding your book while reading in bed? Or just wish you could mount your computer to watch Netflix? The Right Arm is a long length adjustable arm that can put your device anywhere you want it, hands free.

Kickstarter Page:

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