Ever Wonder What Each Army Gets In Their Ration Packs?

Guardian photographers Sarah Lee and David Levene took fascinating photos of the ration packs given to eleven different armies from around the world. After taking a look, it’s safe to say that not all rations are created equal. (Via The Guardian)

1. Australia

The Australian rations contain a number of different items including vegemite, condensed milk, cheddar cheese, and chili tuna pasta.


2. United Kingdom

Some recognizable brands are found in the British pack, like a small bottle of Tabasco. Other items include chicken tikka masala, pasta, sweets, and teabags.


3. Canada

Salmon filet with “Tuscan Sauce”, coucous, and peanut butter & jelly are some of the items found.

Military food rations. London By David Levene  21/10/13

4. Estonia

Chicken pate, stuffed peppers, fruit, honey, and crisp bread.

Military food rations. London By David Levene  21/10/13

5. France

The French army has a much more refined ration pack. This includes deer pate, duck confit, and creme chocolate pudding.


6. Germany

Grapefruit, exotic juice powder, liver sausage spread, and Italian biscotti are some of items found in the German rations.


7. Italy

The Italian rations include powdered cappucino, biscotti, pasta and bean soup, sports bars and chocolate.


8. Norway

You can find tea, biscuits, bean and bacon in the Norwegian pack.


9. Singapore

This ration includes mushroom and basil chicken, Szechuan noodles, and a red bean dessert.


10. Spain

Ham, pate, squid, peaches in syrup, and tablet supplements such as vitamin C and glucose are found in the Spanish rations.


11. United States

Spiced apple cider, poundcake, pasta in tomato sauce, peanut butter and crackers round out the American rations.


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