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Ever Wonder What Each Army Gets In Their Ration Packs?

Guardian photographers Sarah Lee and David Levene took fascinating photos of the ration packs given to eleven different armies from around the world. After taking a look, it’s safe to say that not all rations are created equal. (Via The Guardian) 1. Australia The Australian rations contain a number of different items including vegemite, condensed

7 Things In iOS7 You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Everyone who owns an iPhone knows there’s a bunch of features tucked away in iOS. To help, we’ve dug up seven tricks you probably had no idea even existed. 1. Text Message Time Stamps The SMS app on your phone clearly shows timestamps for groups of messages, but not each individual message. To fix this,

The 13 Funniest Celebrity Face Swaps Ever

Ever wish you could see Beyonce’s face on Jay-Z’s body. No? You’d be surprised. Here’s a collection of hilarious celebrity face-swaps. (via Loffee) 1. Will & Kate 2. Will & Jaden Smith 3. Jay-Z & Beyonce – Ohh, Gurrl! 4. More Jay and B. 5. Chandler & Monica 6. Jay and B again. 7. The