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Old Paintings Of London Streets Merged With Google Earth

While the London skyline has changed considerably over the past few centuries, much of the cityscape is still dominated by buildings from years ago. Given this environment, Reddit user Shystone cleverly merged together old paintings of London streets with current Google Earth images. The results are incredible. (Via Reddit & MyModernMet) Enjoy this post? Give it a share below!

There’s An Ancient City Submerged Under China’s Thousand Island Lake

China’s Qiandao Lake, known as the Thousand Island Lake, holds a secret under its waters. About 55 years ago the Chinese Government decided to build a hydroelectric powerstation and reservoir to support a growing regional population in neighboring Hangzhou. A man-made lake was formed, drowning out thousands of acres of farmland and two ancient cities,

30 “Secret” Places You Can Only See Through Google Earth

Google Earth opens up a whole new way to explore the world. By splicing together satellite imagery, Earth allows the entire surface of the globe to be explored right from home. Aside from some of the common wonders like The Great Wall or Eiffel Tower, people have stumbled upon some secret places that you never

Frozen Trees In Finland Create Plumes Of Snow

Deep in the Lapland region of northern Finland, Italian photographer Niccoló Bonfadini encountered landscapes unlike anywhere else in the world. With temperatures ranging between -40°C to -15°C, the trees in the region remain covered in pillowy white snow, barely jutting out from the massive drifts that accumulate below. Bonfadini braved these elements, camping out in the