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Ever Wonder What Each Army Gets In Their Ration Packs?

Guardian photographers Sarah Lee and David Levene took fascinating photos of the ration packs given to eleven different armies from around the world. After taking a look, it’s safe to say that not all rations are created equal. (Via The Guardian) 1. Australia The Australian rations contain a number of different items including vegemite, condensed

Old Paintings Of London Streets Merged With Google Earth

While the London skyline has changed considerably over the past few centuries, much of the cityscape is still dominated by buildings from years ago. Given this environment, Reddit user Shystone cleverly merged together old paintings of London streets with current Google Earth images. The results are incredible. (Via Reddit & MyModernMet) Enjoy this post? Give it a share below!

This Wall Art Is Made Entirely Of Neon Tape

New York based artist Aakash Nihalani uses bold neon-colored tape to transform ordinary street corners and landscapes into depth-defying installations. The following images come from his recent work across the NYC and LA areas. You can check out more images at Unurth. (via thisiscolossal)