Book A Hotel, Get Bitcoins

Points, cash back? No, the new reward is Bitcoin.

PointsHound, a hotel booking site that gives you rewards for each stay, has added a new reward to its list. While you previously could earn rewards such as frequent flyer miles for American, Virgin America, and Eithad, PointsHound recently added the ability to earn Bitcoins for each hotel stay.

A quick search for a weekend night in New York City showed that you could earn up to .054 Bitcoins per night. At the current rate of this post, that equates to about $43 USD each night.

PointsHound Screenshot

One note of caution is that you accrue these Bitcoin rewards AFTER your scheduled hotel stay. Bitcoin is obviously a volatile currency, so you should be careful if your hotel stay is months in the future. Obviously this could be a huge plus or huge minus – perhaps a free hotel stay, or a less than stellar reward.

Front page picture via Flickr user btckeychain