7 Things In iOS7 You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Everyone who owns an iPhone knows there’s a bunch of features tucked away in iOS. To help, we’ve dug up seven tricks you probably had no idea even existed.

1. Text Message Time Stamps

The SMS app on your phone clearly shows timestamps for groups of messages, but not each individual message. To fix this, do the following: When you’re looking at an SMS chain, touch the screen and swipe left. All of your messages should slide over, revealing time stamps on the right.


2. Level App

When you’re in the compass app (make sure you’ve calibrated it), swipe left. This will bring up an eclipse looking app that functions as a level. Perfect for your next home DIY project.


3. Burst Mode in Photos

One awesome feature within the camera app is the ability to take multiple photos in quick succession. Also known as Burst Mode. To enable this function just hold down the touchscreen (take) circle or volume up button.


4. Photo Grids

When Apple updated to iOS 7 it buried the gridlines feature for your photos. You can turn these back on by going into Settings: Photos & Camera: Turn on Grid.


5. Change Preferred Directions

If you’re a city person and would rather set your default directions to walking rather than driving, go to Settings: Maps: Tap “Walking” under preferred directions. Voila!


6. Turn Off Frequent Location Tracking

Privacy is a concern these days. If you would rather not have Apple track your movements, you can turn off Frequent Location Tracking. Go to Settings: Privacy: Location Services: System Settings: Turn Off Frequent Locations. In addition to privacy, it also increases battery life.


7. Bold Text & Text Size

If the text on your iPhone is too hard to read you can actually bold all of the letters within the system. Go to Settings: General: Accessibility: Turn on Bold Text. You can also change text size as well.


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